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Sunday, January 12, 2014

I started paper Bead on August 12, 2005. I have actually been making paper beads since the winter of 1996/1997. I had a web site all about paper beads in 1997 but it did not do so well so I put it on hold and started my crochet web site JPF Crochet Club in February 1998. On February 15 1999, I registered the domain name During the years from 1997 to 2005, I had done occasional Google searches for paper beads and watched the page results slowly rise over time.

I knew, in the summer of 2005 that it was time to launch my new paper bead web site, I knew then what direction I wanted the web site to take. Instead of trying to sell already made paper beads, I decided I would dedicate the site to teaching how to make paper beads as well as what you can do with them once you make them.

Now it is January 12, 2014 and I have just finished redesigning my JPF Crochet Club web site and have started to redesign the Paper Bead Crafts web site to look good on mobile devices as well as laptop and desktop computers. Yes the basic layouts for both sites are the same but the colors are different. Pink and purple for the JPF Crochet Club and shades of blue for the Paper Bead Crafts web site. This will be a slow and tedious process as I edit every single page on the site but I hope to get it finished by the end of March 2014.

Saturday, March 14, 2015: Today is "pi day!".

Image of the Bead Crafter.. I started selling paper bead rollers back sometime in 2012, the year I left my day job to devote all of my work time to my 2 web sites. I wanted to mention a little bit more of my history with making paper beads and how the paper bead rollers I offer came to be. Back in 1997, when I started making paper beads, I had bought a paper bead roller called the Bead Crafter from an Ad in Crafts Magazine I found. The company that made the Bead Crafter was located in Londerry NH and has since gone out of business. To the left is the Picture of the device I used back then. I made several hundred beads using this device before the winding pin broke out of the handle.

Image of My Hand Made Paper Bead Roller Sometime in 2007, the winding pin came out of the handle so I decided it was time I make up my own paper bead roller like it and came up with this one on the right. I also used to sell the instructions on how to make this paper bead roller. It was made with a block of wood, 2 angle brackets, a cotter pin and 2 paper beads that made up the handle. I didn't sell that many of them so in 2007 I came up with a different type of paper bead roller. I wanted to make a hand held paper bead roller using the same cotter pins I had been using for this paper bead roller so I came up with one that had a rolled card stock handle with a decorative cover.

Image of short split pin paper bead rollers with 1/16" and 1/8" thick winding pins I made them with cotter pins since that is what I had been using for the Paper Bead Machine I made and the Bead Crafter that got me started so many years ago. I also, almost at the same time made a long split pin paper bead roller to go with it. I started off making just the 1/16" and 1/8" thicknesses but soon added 3 more thicknesses in 2 lengths and eventually changed from using just rolled paper to make the handles to paper covered wood handles and then to stained wood handles that I offer now. I now also offer the slotted paper bead rollers in 5 thicknesses and 3 double hole paper bead rollers.

Now I offer 3 types of pape bead rollers. Split Pin, Slotted Pin and Double Hole Pins Image of 10 Paper Bead Rollers Image of Slotted Paper Bead rollers Image of Double Hole Paper Bead Rollers
You can purchase them at either Esty, or my Own Store on this site:
Shop for Paper Bead Rollers

July 27, 2017 Update

It has been a little over 2 years since I last updated this page and quite a bit has happened since then. Later that year, on August 19, 2015, my father passed away from a Heart Attack. He was only 71. The lord took him home too soon.

Now onto what has been happening with the site since then. I can't believe I have been making and selling paper bead rollers for 5 years! It's amazing how fast time flies! I no longer sell the wood handle split pin paper bead rollers but instead have replaced them with the only Adjustable Length split pin bead rollers available in the world! I do make them myself with the same stainless steel material I used for the split pin paper bead rollers with the same handle but now instead of offering 2 lengths, the length is now adjustable! Plus the handles are prettier.

Set of 4 Double Hole Bead RollersI now also sell 4 sizes of the Double Hole Bead Rollers and you can learn more about them here. I have added a 5/64" pin size. The 3 larger sizes have a slot down the side of the winding pins where the 1/16" does not have a slot.

About a year ago I started selling Paper Bead Crafts Coloring Books with paper bead cutting templates. The pages have a cutting template on the back side and there are coloring pages for adults on the front side of each page. They are geometric intricate designs. I have plans to make and sell just plain cutting template books in the future. Probably one template size at a time in portrait and landscape formats with about 100 templates in each book. Each book will be thinner and less expensive than the larger coloring books.

Two years ago I started making and selling downloadable, printable cutting templates in pdf format and in machine cutting format. All of these are available in bundles at my Etsy Store.

Image of scribble taper beads.Have you made paper beads as a kid? Has it been years since you tried to make them? Well it is time you check out what is happening with this ages old craft! People all over the world are making beautiful beads with all kinds of paper! I have scoured the internet to find out what paper beads are being made and I have to say, some of the paper beads I have come accross are just beautiful. I have been making paper beads since 1997 but over the past 3 or 4 years, the popularity of making paper beads has exploded!

This site is dedicated to making paper beads. With this site you will be able to learn how to make them for yourself. There is a special program called the Paper Bead Designer you are free to use to design your paper beads. Also paid members, can use their own images with an upload utility in the Members area. Everything you would ever hope to know about making paper beads will be explained on this site. I hope you find this site informative and fun!

Allthough you may already know how to make paper beads, these beads are different and made differently. First off, you won't be using gift wrap or magazine pages. You will be using standard copy paper which is 8�" x 11" in size. The size of the beads will range from 1/4" to 1" in length and from 6, 7, 8, 8.5 or 9mm in diameter with an 1/16" hole.
There are instructions on this section for making standard paper beads with recycled paper but the beads I will explain in great detail are special. You can put photos or your favorite clipart on them. The possibilities for what you put on your beads are only limited to your imagination. You will also learn how to embellish your paper beads.