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Pandora Style Paper Beads

Image of brown Scrapbook Paper
Image of Bead Sheets Available for Free Download

Download and Print The Cutting Templates

Each Pandora style paper bead uses 3 strips of 11" long paper. Each strip of paper is a different size.

You will need to download and use 3 cutting templates if you are using 8½" x 11" sheets of paper. You will need one tube style cutting template and 2 different reducing tapered bead templates.

You will need 3 sheets of paper as well. The paper you use for the plain tube bead should be a coordinating color but not one that actually would normally make a good looking bead since all you will see of it may be a tiny bit of the edge that may peek from behind the metal grommet you are using. The other 2 sheets of paper can either be the same print or 2 different prints, it is up to you. This is where you can be creative. Just make sure all of your papers are the same exact size and thickness.

Below Are Links to the Full Page Cutting Templates, in PDF format, you can use to make these beads!
If you are using copy paper, you may have to use 4 strips of paper per bead instead of 3 so you might want to print the tube bead template onto a recycled sheet of 8½x11 paper. You will not see this in the bead when it is rolled up because it will be used as the core and the grommet will cover it up. Click the Page 2 button below for the next step.
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