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Pandora Style Paper Beads

Image of Cut Scrap Book Paper

Cut the Paper Into Strips

Each Pandora style paper bead uses 3 strips of 11" long paper. You can cut them with what ever cutting method works best for you. I used a combination of my guillotine paper cutter and rotary paper cutter and cutting mat. You can use scissors as well.

  1. 1 Tube Style Strip: 3/8" x 3/8" x 11"
    The strip at the center of the bead will be a straight cut or tube style. This will make the core of the bead. You should be able to get 21 or 22 strips from one sheet of paper.
  2. The other 2 strips reduce down in size as you get to the outside of the bead.
  3. 1 Tapered Style Strip: 3/8" x ¼" x 11"
    The 2nd strip fits on the end of the first strip and is the same width, 3/8". This second strip tapers down to ¼" wide. You will get more of these strips from one sheet of paper than the tube style strips.
  4. 1 Tapered Style Strip: ¼" x 1/8" x 11"
    The 3rd and final strip starts at ¼" and fits on the end of the 2nd strip and tapers down to 1/8" wide. You will get many more of this size strip from one sheet of paper than either of the other 2 strip sizes.

When you glue these end to end and roll them up on your 3/16" paper bead roller, you will end up with a short fat bead with a 3/16" diameter hole.

Another way you can layer the paper, is to roll the strips on to your roller one at a time, butting the next strip next to the previous strip to end up with a smoother transition between strips.

If you want to use other paper than scrapbook paper, keep the thickness of the paper in mind. Thicker paper will result in even fatter beads and thinner paper will result in a skinnier bead. If you want the same fat beads as I have made and if you use copy paper, generally copy paper is not as thick as scrapbook paper and will you will need to cut 2 strips that are 3/8" tube style for the center core.

Don't throw away your extra strips, make regular paper beads with them!

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