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Pandora Style Paper Beads

Image of Rolled Up

Glue Together and Roll Up Your Strips

Glue your strips end to end, before rolling them up, in the following order. Match up the same size ends together and overlap them about ¼" and use plain white glue to glue them together. Make sure the colorful side is on the same side with all 3 strips. You should end up with one very long strip, about 33" long.

You can also roll the the strips one at a time and butt each subsequent strip up to the previous one for a smoother bead.

  1. 1 Tube Style Strip: 3/8" x 3/8" x 11"
  2. 1 Tapered Style Strip: 3/8" x ¼" x 11"
  3. 1 Tapered Style Strip: ¼" x 1/8" x 11"

Roll them up starting at the wide end to the narrow end using your 3/16" Paper Bead Roller.

Image of 3/16" paper bead roller.

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