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Pandora Style Paper Beads

Glaze Your Large Hole Paper Beads

Image of Rolled Up

You can glaze your beads with your favorite glaze but I use PC-Petrifier and Liquid Laminate or Vibrance for all of my beads. It produces a hard finish that does not get sticky when humid outside.

In the picture, you can see I use a styrofoam block to stick my sticks in but since the holes in these beads are so big, I cannot use toothpicks to support my beads. Instead I am using the top of small craft brushes with the brush end cut off to hold my beads. I don't like to throw these used paint brushes away and I go through a lot of them. (I know string them onto fishing line and dip my beads instead of glazing them the way I did when I first wrote this tutorial.)

I brush the glaze onto each bead one at a time with the little craft brushes that you see in the picture. Each bead has 2 coats of glaze on them. I brush on one layer from top to bottom, then turn the bead over after it has dried and brush on the glaze on the other side from top to bottom. When the tops and bottoms are and sides are dry, I do glaze the inside as well.

If you want to, you can make your own drying picks. Get 3 or 4 36" long dowels that are slightly bigger than 3/16" in diameter, cut them into 4" long pieces and using a variable size pencil sharpener, sharpen both ends of each stick to a sharp point. You should be able to get 8 or 9 picks from each 3 foot long dowel.

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