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Pandora Style Paper Beads

Finish Your Pandora Style Paper Beads

Image of Rolled Up

Now it is time to finish your Pandora Style Paper Beads!

Materials Needed:
2 3/16" metal grommets for each bead in the color of your choice. They are really not that expensive.
Super glue. I use Gorrilla Gel Super Glue.
A small plastic lid
1 toothpick for applying super glue

Step 1: Put a small blob of the super glue onto the plastic lid.

Step 2: Using the toothpick, dip the toothpick in the glue and then swirl it inside the hole of one of your beads.

Step 3: Insert the grommet inside the hole where the glue is. Repeat for the other side of the bead. Allow to dry a few hours before using.

WARNING NOTE:If you try to put the dab of glue directly in the hole without using the toothpick, you run the risk of getting the glue onto your fingers and this super glue is very strong and fast! You could damage your skin! Follow the safety precautions on the bottle's label.
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You can all of these at Amazon.

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