Resulting Sheet will now show up here, in this frame, instead of in a new tab!

I am currently working on updating all of the Paper Bead Sheet designers for better functionality. Right now I am starting with making the user interface easier to use and make more sense. I also plan to make the resulting page show up in this frame instead of a new tab. There will be a Print Sheet button added to the interface which will print only the frame where the resulting page will be shown. You must use the "Print Sheet" button in order to be able to print the bead sheet.

Click Here for the Updated Instructions Video Tutorial!

NOTE: The default sizes and settings for this program are as follows, Paper Size: Letter (8½" x 11"), Diameter: .6250 or 5/8". Type: Regular Tube. If you do not choose an image, the default image will be used. Cutting Lines are only available for the regular or sideways Tube Beads. From now on, you may need to trim the small margins off of your paper. All of the beads on the resulting bead sheet will be the same size.

Some pictures may seem a bit distored because the height and width has been set to display at 50x60 pixels. The actual height and width of each image will vary.