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Universal Paper Bead Marking Templates

Storage Ideas

There are a few ways you can store your extra marking strips for future use. The main way most people store them is they only cut the strips they need and then store the remaining uncut sheet in a folder. This works but can be tedious and not very fun and may cause you to put off using the templates because you have to cut the strips apart from the main sheet every time you want to use them. Not convenient or quick at all. After all you want to get to rolling your colorful strips into beads and not spending the time getting your paper ready. At least this still shortens the time it takes to mark your paper, but it can be done faster! Plus doing it this way does result in wasted pre-measured strips. Nobody wants that. I have a solution!

How can I reduce the amount of waste when I am cutting strips for a sheet of paper as well as speeding up the process in the long run? Before you use the sheet of universal templates for your project, you can turn your strips into rolls of "paper marking tape" by sticking the ends together end to end and rolling up the very long strip into a coil. You can secure the end of the roll of "paper marking tape" with a small piece of painters tape. Below are a few ways you can store your rolled up "paper marking tape"

Printing your template strips onto full sheet of copy paper works best but you can use sticker paper for later ease of use.
Preparing your sheet of strips for rolling into a roll of "paper marking tape"

Your templates are layed out on your sheet so they always start with the wide end of your paper bead strip on the left hand side and the narrow end marking is at the right hand side of your sheet. You need to cut the sides of the paper before cutting the strips apart.

1. Cut down the right hand side of your strip, cutting off the blank space right at the edge of the narrow marks. (place picture here)
2. Cut down the left hand side of your sheet leaving at least a 1/4" space from the left edge of the wide end marking of your strips. You need this space so you have something to stick the other end to when you start sticking them together.(place picture here)
3. Now you can cut your sheet into strips. Cut the strips apart, cutting on the dashed lines only! Stack them in a pile making sure they are all going in the same direction
4. Glue the ends together. The way I do it is I will glue two strips together at the same time and when I am done, I will have 8 longer strips. Then I glue the ends together 2 at a time again and again untill I have one super long strip. About 5 feet long. Then I am ready to wind it onto an empty wire spool.

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