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3/8" Paper Bead Cutting Templates

Below are links to cutting templates, in pdf format, that you can use to print on the back side of any 8½" x 11" paper to make cutting consistant strips easier! Just put your paper in your printer, whch ever way you need to so it will print on the back side, open the template file in the Adobe Acrobat reader, set your margins to zero and tell your printer to print in portrait and borderless for best results, then print your template. Each template has gray dashed lines, faint enough so it will not show through most colored background papers.

Click on Images to See More Detail. Click the link to the right each image to download it's PDF file. Back to Cutting Templates Home
Image of beads made with the bicone Template

Bicone Bead Cutting Template

3/8" x 0" x 8½"

This template is a long triangle shape that is 3/8" at one end and nothing on the other end. It will print on your paper so the cutting lines will go from side to side so the strips will be 8½" long.

Download Free PDF File Here

Image of beads made with the tube Template

tube Bead Cutting Template

3/8" x 3/8" x 8½"

This template is a rectangle shape that is 3/8" at both ends. It will print on your paper so the cutting lines will go from side to side so the strips will be 8½" long.

Download Free PDF File Here

Set of 12 paper bead cutting templates

Set of 12 Paper Bead Cutting Templates

Buy at Etsy for $7.00!

Get the whole package! This package has 12 templates in all.
The templates included in this pdf file are as follows. The 2 above plus 10 more!
Below are samples only of beads you can make with each template. I used, for the most part, 8½ x 11" scrapbook papr for the beads with the exception of the 2 samples of tube beads. I actually used the Free Bead Designer to make them and then printed the tube bead templates on the back side.

If I were to sell these templates individually, I would sell them for $1.99 each but I have decided to sell them as a package for $7.00.
Future Paper Bead Cutting Template prices will be based on how many templates the package will have so each package could be a different price.

This file includes 12 different cutting templates for use on the back side of 8½" x 11" papers of just about any kind from copy paper, scrapbook paper to card stock. You can use these templates in conjunction with the free paper bead sheet designer on the Paper Bead Crafts web site. The URL is in the file.

This template is designed for use in making paper beads that are 3/8" long in 12 different configurations. There are 2 tube beads, based on 8½ lengths of strips and 11" strips. There are also 2 cone shaped beads, 2 bicone beads and 2 barrel beads were the narrow end of each strip goes doen to, and ¼". The templates where the narrow end is 1/8" and 1/16" is referred to a tapered bead.

You can layer the strips to make fatter beads if you like. Using copy paper will result in a bead about ¼" in diameter. I used scrap book paper in all but the tube beads in the picture of the sample beads.

The cutting lines are a light gray color and dashed so they will not show up much on the printed side of most scrap book papers. One way to use these is to use a scrap or recycled piece of copy paper for the template and cut it layered with your colorful paper for beads that do not have lines on the back side.