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Applique Paper Beads

Paper Bead Making
Applique Paper Beads

I have been making paper beads since around October 1996 and through the years I have been wondering how I could add pretty designs to the beads after they are rolled. I have made wrapped beads by cutting small pieces of scrap paper to the same size as I needed to go all the way around the bead but that is not exactly what I was after. Finally, I was flipping through some YouTube videos, just for fun, and came across a video about applying decals to fingernails. I thought to myself, hey, that may be adaptable to making paper beads. So I watched a few videos on how the water transfer thing is done and it reminded me of a water transfer project I did with my Aunt, as a teenager and thought to myself, how clever to use this same technique for fingernails. The project I made with my aunt was applying a flower design to a small ceramic planter. That was my very first experience with the water transfer technique.

Now that I make paper beads, I figured if water transfer can be done with fingernails, why not paper beads! So I ordered my first pack of water transfer decals through, waited a few weeks for them to arrive, let them sit in my office for at least a couple more weeks before I got started. Once I got started, I could not stop! Even though they were difficult to do at first, I was determined to get better at it since they were coming out so stinking cute! They are the most adorable paper beads I have ever made! They are not easy and you have to have patience and a steady hand but the effort and time it takes to make them is so worth it!

I have made quite a few and here is what I did!

Click Here For the Instructions