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Paper Bead Rollers

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There are various ways you can roll paper strips into paper beads. Below are just a few.

Paper Bead Crafts Paper Bead Rollers

Image of 8 Paper Bead rollers

Split Pin & Slotted Pin Paper Bead Rollers

I offer two types of paper bead rollers, Split Pin and Slotted Pin Paper Bead Rollers with wooden handles. These paper bead rollers are what I have to offer to make paper beads. I use these exclusively to make all of the paper beads I make. They are made with birchwood that has been stained a Classic Oak Color. The split pin type are available in 2 lengths, long and short and both the slotted and split pins are available in 4 thicknesses. The split winding pins are split all the way through where the slotted winding tip is slit down one side of the pin.

    The thicknesses are:
  • 1/16", The best size in my opinion for making beads for jewelry.
  • 3/32" which is the same size as a standard round toothpick.
  • 1/8" This is the size that most kids paper bead rollers come in and are great when making beads to work with thicker cords like hemp.
  • 3/16". This size is perfect for making pandora inspired paper beads with the metal inserts!

You can find the slotted types on other web sites as well. They come in a variety of materials and finishes such as plastic handles, colored wood handles, and others. As far as I know, I am the only one offering the split pin type in the long lengths.

Now that you have a bead roller, here is how you use it.

Tooth Picks

Image of Toothpicks

A lot of people start off using toothpicks to make paper beads. I have tried to use toothpicks but found it difficult to get the rolling started. I generally use toothpicks to dry my paper beads that have the 1/16" in them.

There are lots of tutorials online and at YouTube that will show you how to roll paper beads with toothpicks. The ladies in Uganda and other foreign developing nations use toothpicks to roll their beads. Their beads are unbelievable! They use recycled magazines to make their beads. I watched a video on how they do it and I am in awe with how they can make such beautiful beads with the toothpicks.

Knitting Needles

Personally I have never tried to use knitting needles for making paper beads but it can be done. There is a wide variety of sizes so you can make beads with just about any size hole you want! I would probably find it difficult to make paper beads with knitting needles because they tend to be slippery.

I watched one video you tube where a lady rolled a bunch of beads on one knitting needle, glazed them while they were on the needle then after they were dry, removed them. Not sure if I would ever want to try it though.

Crank Style Paper Bead Rollers

Old Crank Style Paper Bead RollerThe Bead Crafter

This paper bead roller is no longer available but it is the very first tool I had to roll paper beads. I ordered it from a copy of the magazine "Crafts" back in 1997. This is where my addiction to making paper beads started! I actually still have this crank style tool along with the booklet that came with it!

After about 10 years of using it, the 1/16" winding pin came out of the crank handle so I decided to design my own and what is where my handmade crank style paper bead roller came into being!

Handmade Crank Style Paper Bead Roller

I used to offer the instructions on how to make this but since offering the hand held paper bead rollers, I decided to remove them from the site. Basically what it was, it had a wooden base with 2 3" angle brackets screwed to it facing each other about 2½" apart. I used a couple of cotter pins to make the winding pins in 3 different thicknesses. I sold a kit and instructions which included the special paper beads I made to make the winding pin handles with. I did not sell enough of them to make offering them worth while. Maybe in the future, I will redesign it and offer them pre made.