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Brown Paper Beads

Roll of Brown Kraft Paper
Brown Kraft Paper Beads Brown Celtic Beads made with Kraft Paper Printed on the Computer

Brown Kraft Paper

This brown Kraft paper is a little thinner than Brown Paper Grocery bags. This is the brown kraft paper that comes on rolls for Wrapping packages to be sent through the mail. I discovered a way I can cut sheets that are 8½"x11"e so I can print them with my printer. I do have to iron the sheets first and make sure I use the printer that has a top feeder. I have used various types of printers with brown bag papers and found that top feeders seem to work best. I have used a Lexmark, Canon and Kodak printer in the past but right now, I have an HP Officejet Pro 8600 printer that does a very good job with printing brown kraft paper that comes in sheets. The Kodak printer I had was not a top feeder and the brown papers got jammed in it almost every time. The Lexmark and Canon printers were both top feeders and did a very good job printing the brown papers that I cut down to the sheets to fit the printers.

There are different thicknesses of brown kraft paper available. The thickness I have was for wrapping packages that were to be sent through the mail. I believe I bought it at Walmart in a 3 foot long roll.

You can purchase bown kraft paper in 8½"x 11" sheets but they are rather expensive. But maybe the time it takes to cut and iron the paper before printing it would warrant buying the sheets already for the printer.

The little brown beads to the left are made with the last bit of Brown Kraft paper I had in my stash for several years. I used a rubber stamp and stamped a Celtic design all over it, then cut it into wedges that were ½" wide at the widest end down to 1/8" at the narrow end. The strips were x 8" long.

The tube beads to the left were made with Kraft paper I cut from my roll of Kraft paper, then I printed it on my computer. Cut the strips and rolled them up. See it can be done! You can also print a whole sheet of a pattern and cut it into little pieces and wrap them around a core bead of the same paper. You can also use different colored paper as your core if you wanted to.

Brown Paper Bags
Brown Paper Bag Beads Image of Brown Lunch Bag Beads

Brown Paper Bags

Brown paper bags come in many thicknesses and are fun to use to make paper beads. You can decorate the paper any way you want with rubber stamps, magic markers and paint, just to name a few. You can make some really rustic looking tribal type beads with brown paper bags. The possibilities are endless.

The beads in the picture to the left I made back in 1997 and I still have them! I first cut the paper, decorated just the ends I wanted to show with Sharpie Markers and then rolled them up.

The Beads on the bottom left I made on March 12, 2013. They are made from one brown paper lunch bag. I cut out the bottom, cut down the middle back. Cut the edges Straight and then cut triangle strips that start at ½" at one end and go down to ¼" I cut them along the long side of the paper to get them a little thicker than if I went across the short way.

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