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I have used several different types of Copy Paper to make paper beads over the years. Here are just a few samples of what I have done. Right now, for the most part, I use, a very bright white copy paper for the majority of my paper beads. This is the paper that my "Paper Bead Designer" is meant for. According to the package of copy paper I have, it is 20lb Multipurpose bright white paper with a brightness of 92.

Image of Pile of Colored Copy Paper Beads

Various Copy Paper Beads

These beads are all made with copy paper. Some are made with colored copy paper while other are white copy paper with designs printed on them. The fat beads in the picture are 2 different colors of copy paper layered to gether and then rolled up.

Colored Tapered Copy Paper

Plain Colored Copy Paper Beads

These beads are made with solid colored copy paper. They have not been printed on the computer. I just cut them into long wedge strips, rolled them up and glazed them.

You can use this paper as contrasting colored cores inside fat paper beads. For example, for a 9mm thick bead, you need to roll 2 strips of 11" long copy paper. The first strip you roll up can be a different color. A color that matches or coordinates with the print on the outside of your beads. You can use a pink core for a bead that has pink on the outside print.

Printed and tapered White Copy Paper Beads

Tapered Printed Copy Paper Beads

These beads were printed on plain white copy paper, cut into wide ended triangle strips, rolled up and glazed. I used an old computer I had and an old Canon printer I had back in 1997. When I made these beads, I used just regular white copy paper. I did not have the Bead Sheet Designer at that time. I used the Microsoft Works word processing program to design and print out these beads.

 Red white and blue Scribble Beads on white copy paper

Red & Blue Scribbled Copy Paper Beads

I used recycled plain white copy paper for these beads. I scribbled down both sides, the long edges, with a red pen and a blue pen. I then cut them into long triangles.

What I do these days, is if I decide to do a Scribble bead, I scan the scribbled art into my computer and then print it out from there. I save it into a PDF file so I can make beads from this design again. Of course, when you do this, the colors are not as intense as when you actually cut up and roll the original. I just hate to cup up an original drawing.

Red and Black All Over Scribble Beads

Red and Black All Over Scribble Beads

These beads are made with recycled computer paper. The computer paper was not as bright white as plain white copy paper but they still look good.

What I did is used red and black pens to scribble the design all over the paper, then cut it into long triangle strips.

All Over Print Beads

All Over Print Beads

These beads were made with plain white copy paper. I used an old compter and printer and found an interesting all over pattern in the Print Shop Program I had on my computer. When I went to glaze them, the colors ran. So it was at that time I was on a mission to find a way I could print onto white copy paper without having the ink run. I did figure it out finally.

Other Examples of Copy Paper Beads

Blue Paisley Fresh Green Kitty With Yarn Red Posies Red Rose on White Delft Blue

My Secret for Printouts that Don't Run!

I use Hammermil Bright white copy paper with a brightness of 92. It has ColorLoc technology in it so the colors are not supposed to run. I also print out the sheets at the 72ppi that you see on browser screens. Sometimes I print out at 96ppi which also works fine. I try not to print out at a higher resolution because it is not really needed and the extra ink can run.

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