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Papers to Make Beads

I have used several different types of papers over the years and below is a list of the different papers I have used and my experience with each one.

Brown Kraft Beads

Brown paper Beads

I have used brown paper alot in making beads. On this page I will talk about my experience with the different types of brown kraft paper.

Copy Paper Beads

Copy Paper Beads

This is the paper that the Bead Sheet Designer is meant for. I will tell you what I know about making beads with copy paper.

More To Come

Can Labels
Cardboard Boxes
Cigarette Wrappers
Construction Paper
Gift Bag Paper
Gift Wrap
Handmade Paper
Card Stock
Junk Mail
Origami Paper
Parchment Paper
Scrapbook Paper
Tissue Paper
Birch Bark

As time permits, I will add more pages about the different papers I use.