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Anyone Can Do Quilling!

Tuesday October 30, 2018

Join me in exploring the wonderful and beautiful world of paper quilling! Paper bead making is related to quilling so you can mix the 2 art forms into jewelry making, ornaments and more! That is why I am including the art of quilling section on I am a beginner when it comes to quilling so this page will reflect what I am doing and will be like a blog or quilling journal. My main focus with quilling is to make jewelry, ornaments and small decorative items that are quick to make.

The first few projects I add to this section will be those that I find on other web sites. I will post pictures of my work and provide links to where I found the project. I am not going to claim them as mine since I will be working on existing projects that I want to learn from. So far, I have made some snowflakes and a pair of earrings. There are 3 videos so far on YouTube that show you my learning process. As of writing this article, I have ordered my first set of quilling supplies and tools and as soon as I get them on November 1, 2018 I will be reviewing them and posting videos of those reviews on YouTube.

My First Time Quilling

In this video I show you the very first project I ever made with quilling. Before this I only made one teardrop shape and that is it. I make a tiny snowflake that I actualy turn into a pair of earrings after making 2 of them the same size.

My First Time Quilling Part 2

In this video I show you the way I made the same snowflake project using larger teardrop shapes.

My First Time Quilling Part 3

In this video I show you the largest snowflake made with teadrop, eye or marquis, heart and v-scroll shapes. Since I knew if I followed their instructions on length of strips, I decided to not follow their instructions and use longer strips to make a larger snowflake. One I can hang in my windows or a large space on my Christmas tree.

My First Time Quilling Part 4

In this video I show you what tools I just bought to make it more fun and easier to make items with quilling! See Below for Links to these items available on I spent a total of just under $52.00 for all of these items shown. $21 and change just for the 19 piece tool set.

Here are items I use in My First Time Quilling Part 4 Tools and Supplies Unboxing