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Scrunchies in this Bundle

If you do not want to become a member but you want all of the scrunchy patterns, you can now get all of the scrunchy patterns on this site for really low price of $15.25 which is just .25¢ cents per pattern! There are 61 scrunchy patterns in this bundle! That is a savings of $78.28 if you were to purchase each Members Only scrunchy pattern one at a time. Yes the free as well as the Members Only scrunchy patterns are in this bundle. It is a major time saver to get the bundle of all of the scrunchy patterns at one time!

If you are a Gold Level member, you can save time and the hassle of downloading each scrunchy pattern one at a time. 

The scrunchies in this bundle are all in one PDF file  PDF Size: 4MB.

If I ever plan to add any new scrunchy patterns to the site, they will never be included in this bundle.