Magazine Storage

On this page you will learn the various ways you can store and protect your precious crochet and craft magazines and keep them for many many years. I found the best way to protect them is to keep them in a cool dry place in page protectors inside binders. As long as they stay bone dry, they will stay in good condition for many years to come.

Use store bought magazine holders to store magazines.

You can buy them at any major office supply store or any discount department store. They cost on average between $2.00 to $25.00 each depending on what materials they are made from and how fancy they are. The come in heavy cardboard, plastic, wood, metal and believe it or not, I have actually seen some which are covered in leather! You can label them using a computer and a sheet of Address labels to fit the narrow side of the magazine holder. With your computer, you can make the font what ever you want and you can put on the label different types of information according to what you are storing in the holder.

Cereal Boxes Make Great Magazine Holders

Use Large cereal boxes covered with either wall paper, gift wrap or contact paper. Large Cheerios boxes are the right size. You can also use smaller boxes, such as graham cracker boxes in the same way to store small magazines.

Instructions on how to make a Magazine Holder
Step 1: Take the empty bag out of the cereal box.
Step 2: On one narrow side, draw a line 4" from the bottom of the box.
Step 3: On the opposite side, draw a straight line at about 11" high. If the box you are using is not more than 11" high, then just use the top of the box as your top line.
Step 4: Draw a line from the top corner on the high side to the low line on each of the wide sides of the box.
Step 5: With sharp scissors or a craft knife, cut all the way around on this line.
Step 6: You can either spray paint or cover your magazine holder with gift wrap, wrapping paper or contact paper to make it pretty.
Step 7: Make a decorative label on your computer to show what is stored inside the magazine holder at a glance. For example (Crochet World, 2007) Put it on the lower narrow side of the holder.

Here Are More Ways to Store Magazines!

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