Bead Sheet
Generator Instructions

I have moved the site to a new server so you will find things are working differently now. Below are the new features you will find in this new paper bead sheet generator.

I have decided to make the free bead sheet designer into a basic bead sheet generator and this paid one into a more advanced but still simpler bead sheet generator. Instead of focusing on trying to create a certain size of bead and making the image size work for that size, I just decided to make it simple and just focus on making bead sheets Period! You decide what to make with the bead sheet. Perhaps you want to use it for other paper crafting projects! It's a lot easier to use, just click on an image in the scrolling window, choose the size that you want the image to be, tiled on your sheet, then click on the Generate button. Your bead sheet will show up in this frame and you can print it out to any size paper.

When your bead sheet prints to this window, you will a scaled down version of your bead sheet. When you do click on that "Print Bead Sheet" button, your printer's dialog box will pop up and should give you a preview of what your, full size, bead sheet will look like when printed. Of course you don't have to print out the bead sheet then but you can use it to make sure your bead sheet will print the way you want it to. You can refer to the Printer Settings below to adjust your settings that you need to, to get the printed results you want.

The resulting Bead Sheet will show up here, in this frame! You do not need to watch the old video to understand how to use this particular designer. I have changed the design of this page so much that the video is no longer relevant.

    Printer Settings

  1. Set your printer to print portrait.
  2. Set your 4 margins to none or zero depending on what your printer offers you for margin settings.
  3. Set your printer to print borderless, as if you are printing photos, and choose photo papers or cardstock. Fake out your printer if you have to, to make this work. I always tell my HP printer that I am printing on HP Photo papers even though I am using copy paper. Otherwise, it won't let me print my bead sheet.
  4. Make sure you tell your printer to print background graphics and colors. This is how this bead sheet generator works.

NOTE: If you are not getting the image results you are expecting and your image seems to be full size no matter what, it may be that your browser does not support resizing of background images.