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Yes! Those Beads Are Made Out of Paper!

Anyone Can Make Paper Beads!

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Learn how to make a Paper Bead Bracelet Helper! This project includes the pattern and special cutting template!

Make the Beads Yourself

Use our Paper Bead Crafts Paper Bead Rollers!
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You can make your own paper beads using our paper bead rolling tools! We offer split pin in 2 lengths Pictured and slotted pin paper bead rollers so you have your choice of what tool will work better for you.

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New Double Hole Paper Bead Rollers!

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Now you can make paper beads with 2 holes in them! The Double Hole Paper Bead Rollers are available in 3 different sizes, 1/16", 3/32" and 1/8". There are instructions on the site on how to use the new Double Hole Paper Bead Rollers so you can get started right away as soon as you get your new Double Hole Paper Bead Rollers!

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New Free Project!

Image of Paper Bead Bracelet Helper

Date Added: April 5, 2015
Paper Bead Bracelet Helper
Having trouble putting on your bracelets? Make this Paper Bead Bracelet Helper with paper beads, some wire and an Alligator Clip! This bracelet helper is flexible so it can form to your hand and wrist to make it even easier to use!

Special Technique!

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Use our special Bead Sheet Designer to make unique paper beads! You will be using copy paper and your printer to make special bead sheets you can cut into strips to make your beads!

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Videos, Patterns and Templates!

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You can learn how to make paper beads by using the templates, the bead sheet designer, videos, and free patterns and projects on this site!